Rocks mechanics studies the mechanic characteristics of the shallow part of the geological column, considered as a founding terrain that supports the mechanical efforts produced by constructions' weight. It mainly study  physico-chemical  properties of so called ‘earthly’ rocks.
          Out of this vast domain, we perform detailed geophysical measurement on terrains involved in construction projects. This measurement are non invasive because they do not affect the terrain’s surface with drilling, trenches or pits. Such investigations are cost effective and necessary before the project implementation. A lot of methods and techniques ( electrical, radar, refraction seismic etc) can be used  to solve many different situations. Among the subjects easily revealed with geophysical measurements :
     - Slopes stability
     - Speed and directions of water infiltration
     - Landslides studies
     - Fault zones, fracturing  zones and sinkholes
     - Karst, voids and  tunnels
     - Old trenches and palaeo-channels
     - Depth to base rock

ERT measurement to delineate near surface litological terms


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