Geomathics One was founded in 2006. Seven year later, our staff and activity has changed to deliver optimum quality in the applied geophysics domain. Our state of the art geophysical equipment ensures productivity with a small number of people, which allows us to have unbeatable prices. When required, we work closely with certified experts to perform any complex investigation.
          Our professional abilities are the result of more than 30 years experience in geology and geophysics, with focus points in:
- prospecting and exploring for mineral resources (industrial rocks,  metallic ores including gold-silver and groundwater)
- prospecting and exploring for hydrocarbons (oil and gas) and thermal water, using different EM (AMT, MT, CSAMT, TDEM) methods and equipments
- borehole geophysical investigations, specially for oil and gas resources
- near surface geophysics (geotechnics, geological and geophysical engineering, archaeology, hydrogeology, environmental geophysics and others)


str. Buzesti nr.61, bl.A6. ap.29, Bucuresti
Tel: +40 745 182 711